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What are rocks. Types of Rocks.

Introduction to the Rocks: Rocks are composed of mineral assemblages. A few rocks consist of one mineral, such as Quartzite, which is completely quartz,but most rocks contain several minerals and these minerals have much to do with the way rocks break or bend, weather and erode. Rock is a naturally occurring aggregate of minerals of

Igneous Rocks and Types of Igneous Rocks

What are Igneous Rocks: Igneous rocks are formed when molten magma is cools. Igneous have got their origin from word Agni which means made from heat or fire.When the rock is liquid and inside the earth,it is called magma. When the magma gets hard inside the earth crust, it turns into granite.It cools very slowly

Plate Tectonics and Igneous Rocks.

There are two ideas about igneous rocks that are geologically important. The first idea is that igneous rocks evolve they change from one kind of rock to another. The second idea is that rocks are not randomly distributed across the earth. Specific kinds of rocks are always found in specific places for specific reasons, all