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Earthquake Prediction.

Predicting Earthquakes:

Dilatancy Theory:

Most of the prediction research is centered around the theory of Dilatancy. It has been notice that when a rock is stressed, it begins to expand; to dilate. This is caused by micro-cracks and fractures in the rock opening up and becoming larger. This only seems to start when a rock is roughly half way toward its breaking point.Image result for Dilatancy Theory
Visually monitoring the size of a rock sample underground is not possible, but there are several indirect waves to gather the information. When a rocks becomes stressed, it begins to change physically. It transmits seismic waves at changing speeds, its magnetic properties can alter and its electrical resistance will also vary. The physical change in rock size may lead to a general uplifting of the ground surface or a change in the ground water pressure and levels. Scientists monitor all these factors and are beginning to find generalized patterns of activity.

Animal Behavior:

The Chinese have claimed considerable success with a totally different approach to the problem. It has long been known that animals, birds, insects seem to change their behavior pattern before an earthquake. In December 1974, Chinese scientists began to receive reports of snakes coming out of hibernation and freezing to death on the cold ground. This activity was followed by a series of minor tremors at the end of month.

Image result for man is pulling the goat into the room
During January, 1975, they recieved even more reports of strange animal behavior. Much of this concerned larger animals such as Cattle and Horses which had become restless, refused to enter buildings or seemed frightened for no obvious reason.
In February that year a major earthquake struck. The epicenter was in Haiching, the area from which most of the animals reports had been received.
It is known that some animals are very sensitive to sound, temperature, torch, light intensity, and even magnetic fields, so it is perfectly possible that they can indeed detect the seismic activity which proceeded an earthquake. Perhaps they are sensitive to the electrical and magnetic disturbances, which form the basis to Dilatancy Theory.

Early Warning Systems:

Some early warning system have really worked in a country like Japan. The Japanese government provided their residents with such systems. The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) provides residents in Japan with earthquake early warnings. This is a new system that issues prompt alerts just as an earthquake starts, providing reliable seconds for people to protect themselves before strong tremors arrive.Image result for Early Warning Systems animated

Radon Emissions:

Image result for radon emissionMost rocks contains small amount of gases that can be isotopically distinguished from the normal atmospheric gases. There are reports of spikes in the concentrations of such gases prior to a major earthquake; this has been attributed to release due to pre-seismic stresses of fractures of the rock. One of these gases is Radon, produced by radioactive decay of the trace amounts of Uranium present in most rock. Radon is attractive as a potential earthquake predictors because being radioactive, it is easily detected.

Spiritual Prediction Methods:

There are other prediction methods like Spiritual and Mental/Psychic approach methods, which are also included in religious beliefs and psychic powers. There are so many example of prediction and forecasting, in the history, conducted by the experts of Numbers and Spiritual Studies. These scholars claim to predict the earthquakes. But the world is full of such fake practitioners who claim to have power to predict, who defamed the real practitioners of Spiritual Exercises like meditation, concentration etc. Anyhow an elevated religious practitioner can predict such disastrous events.

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